Social Nights



Over the last 10 years we have tried several different types of nights to get like minded people together. We trialed a social night back in 2009 when we first opened. We have had a monthly Ladies night. This was a night aimed at ladies who wanted to get together to have some fun and not have to compete against their male partners. Or Mums who wanted to climb without their children bothering them. We had nights aimed at particular Universities and other fun nights. 

This year we decided to relaunch a social night on Fridays. This has been a massive hit.  It is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to rock up on a Friday night on their own.  Either introduce themselves to others or be paired up by our friendly  staff to another individual or group. The end result is a fun night of climbing, getting to know some new people.

This night is now really well attended and has the added bonus of being cheaper than the rest of the week.  Check out our Facebook page for more details.