On our Home page, you may have noticed we support several local and National charities with the proceeds from our arcade machines. Each charity was chosen by a member of my family and we have a connection with it.

As a family we believe strongly in supporting the local and greater community. As part of this we also organise, fundraising nights for local church groups, scouts and guides, and schools. These usually run on a Friday or Saturday night.

After booking your preferred time with us, you are able to promote it with
your group. Everyone that comes in the door that night pays full price;
Preschoolers $10, children $17 and adults $22, all including harness hire. At
the end of the night we donate half the nights takings to your group. The only
condition is that we take the first $100.00 to cover costs.
For Example:
$150.00 comes in for the night you get $50.00.
$200.00 (only 9 adults) worth of entries, you get $100.00,
$300.00 = $150
We will keep a record of the climbers at our desk and they are able to pay us
directly . We can do either cash or eftpos. Or you can pre-sell tickets.

At the end of the night we donate to you 1/2 the takings from your group.
We have had a great response from groups who have used this service and
have successfully raised a significant amount for their group.. It is totally
dependant on how many people you get in the door. If this is of interest to you, or you have any further questions.

Please give us a call on 8183038. Or e-mail.

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