Self-Coaching Session for Young Climbers


Warm Up Challenge 

• Try to climb the fairytale wall without using any of the fairytale characters or creatures 

• Then climb at least 5x climbzone walls 

Dynamic Stretches 

• There is strong evidence in research studies that sport-specific dynamic stretching is the most effective & beneficial way to increase blood flow to the muscles you need when climbing, this prepares your body and reduces injury risk. Evidence also supports dynamic stretching improving your strength & power. 

• Watch this video or follow the images to the right, perform each dynamic stretch 5 times on each side, focus on slow & controlled movement 

Get Strong! 

• Complete the following Challenge 

• 5x5x5 Challenge (more details on attached pdf) 

o 5x reps of each of the following exercises, 

then do the whole thing 5 times! o Burpees, Knee Push-Ups, Plank Knee-to- Elbow, Crunches, Alternating Lunges 

This Week’s Focus: Endurance Fun & Social Climber Option: 

• Pick a grade that is 5 grades lower than your onsite (the highest grade you can climb without falling/resting in the rope), and climb 5 walls of this grade without resting. E.g. if you can onsite grade 20, then climb 5 grade 14 routes 

Competitive Climber Addition: 

• In addition to the above, repeat that process with a climb 2 grades lower than your onsite 

Warm Down 

• Climb the castle wall with eyes shut –no peaking! (I give the belayer full permission to charge out 5x push ups if they open their eyes) 

• Complete the Post-Climbing Stretches to help your muscles relax and recover 

Try to hold each of the following positions for 20-30sec