Principles of training: Warm-up & Warm-down

principles of training

It is critical to warm up thoroughly. You can start by climbing, bouldering, or doing easy pullups and dead hangs, along with gentle stretching. Make the first 15 minutes ridiculously easy and gradually increase the intensity until you’re at full power. Reverse this process at the end of your session to prevent injury and speed up recovery.
The warm down should be even easier than the warmup. It should feel as if you’ve doing almost nothing. The idea is to keep the blood flowing for 15 or 20 minutes after the high intensity part of your workout.
To maximise your gains and prevent injury, you should always be fully recovered before a training session. Not resting enough between workouts will soon lead to a plateau, quickly followed by injury and burn out. If it takes you longer than normal to feel warmed up, or if you haven’t noticed any improvement in three or four sessions, you probably need more rest. Listen to your body and be flexible with your training session.
Making it easier.; If you find certain exercises or hold too difficult at first, you can put 1 foot on a chair or have a training partner assist you by taking off as much weight as necessary. Be sure to have a clean, open, well padded landing area, is an awkward, off-balance Paul is a greater possibility when your feet are helping to take your weight.