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Glen Eden Extreme Edge has not moved or been sold. We are now known as Vertical Adventures. I have been toying with a name change for the last 3 years. This year is our 10th Anniversary. It has been 10 awesome years as Glen Eden Extreme Edge. However, sharing a name has had it’s drawbacks. With the internet becoming more and more used to find entertainment, we were finding that we were being mistaken online for the other Extreme Edges on a daily bases. Bookings were getting made and people turning up at the other venues or viasa versa. This has lead to some unhappy and confused customers.

Vertical Adventures is a name we used to call our club for climbers to get together. It is a name I have always liked. When we looked at other names it is the one that best summed up the company and it was the name that most people liked when I did an informal survey.

Our venue is still the same, our friendly staff is still the same and the support we give the local and greater community has not changed either.
We hope you will continue to enjoy our facility and our new name Vertical Adventures.

Yours Sincerely
Darrin Worsfold.

To provide a safe environment for people of all abilities and ages to experience climbing while having fun and enjoying each others company.

New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association

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